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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Driving License In Abu Dhabi UAE

Much Asked Question for the Driver licence is how to get one, When i searched internet not much information is available on the topic,mostly are about Dubai ,so i decided to put some lines to make it easily understandable for people of Abu Dhabi

I got My Driving Licence in 3 months in First Test,So this can be the case with you too, Inshallah

Opening The File:

Before you go to EDC (Emirates Driving Company) in Mussafah Make sure following documents are ready
  1. Passport Copy
  2. Visa Copy
  3. Emirates ID card Copies
  4. NOC from your Employer 
  5. Keep 8 Photos
  6. 1000AED cash and some coins for photocopy machines
Take your documents with you early morning to Mussafah EDC and go to Traffic file opening  building (The Building Where lots of Private training cars are parked out side the gate) ,ask from any guard they will guide you to right direction,go to first floor and on right side there is one counter they will check your documents and issue one token for eye test, Wait near the eyesight test room on your number pay 25 AED to the person and get a certificate and a token for next procedure, Take this token and go to waiting room once your token number is called/Shown on screens go to appropriate counter,their they will take your photo and after checking all the documents again your file will be opened with traffic section after paying the fee,they will issue you an appointment sheet,keep this with you and proceed to EDC training building Next building behind the costumer parking. (Again Asking the Guards is a good Idea)

Booking Theory Classes:

In EDC training building you will need to go to first counter to take your booking token and wait (this can be very long sometime more than 4 hours) on your turn go to counter book the theory classes fee is approximately 850 AED. Ask them to give you suitable time evenings or morning they will accommodate you as per your needs and the available seats in classes.they will issue a Theory book and theory classes schedule sheet

Theory Classes:

Theory classes are conducted on first floor of same building and guard can guide you the way,make sure you reach the school 10 minutes in advance as the school is very strict on timings,on completion of theory classes you need to book theory test

Theory Test:

Book the Theory test from the same front desk and mostly you will get it after a few days,come on time on same first floor,the test will be mostly on 35 questions and very easy one,just read whole book at least once before you come to theory test,I passed with 35 marks out of 35 questions,after the test they will give you result in 45 minutes on the same floor,now if you have already your home country license (Must be a Card,not a book)  you can go for direct road test booking,and like me if you don't have any , then opt for PEP test,book this test only if you have prior experience but not the license in any country,this test will cost you some 65 AED,this will be booked from the same front desk.make sure all the bookings which require payment should be done before 5 PM as they close the cash register on 5 PM.

PEP Test:

PEP test is taken by EDC (Emirates Driving Company) Instructor in Parking Training Yard 2,which is near to central building, come 10 minutes early at least,go behind the booking counter a guard will guide you to transfer bus,the bus driver will stop at parking 2 and ask you to go to the office in yard,two instructors will sit with you and ask you drive as you know in the yard,don't touch any line,don't overtake,don't go very close to next vehicle, practice U-Turn on low width roads before you come for test,then based on your performance they will suggest how much practical training you require,if they give you AREA-2 you will pay 2350 AED approx and you have to book the Yard training from the same booking counter before 5 PM,very long wait is expected, so come early on working days, Friday is off, Yard is very busy so you may end up getting a booking after 3 months and there is nothing you can do to speed it up,

Practical Yard Training:

From Area 1 to Area 5 you will learn basics of parking,turning in short radius and how to cross junctions,roundabouts,signals with an instructor siting beside you all the time

Once the AREA 5 is completed your tower training will start from tower 2 to tower where you will repeat all the Area lesson but by your own,alone in the car,instructor will instruct you by wireless sets if they see anything wrong,be careful learn as much you can especially parking and leaving the parking is very important,don't drive to close or too fast although the driving speed is controlled,there will be a parking refresh class after Tower 5, Please note be careful if you make many mistakes or deadly one instructor will recommend you to go back to Area 1-5 again to train more with instructor in the car, which means more money and more time

Parking Test:

After Tower 5 and Parking refresh class you can book your Parking test or Yard test both are same,you can book this any time even in evening,come 10 minutes early test is taken in the same area where PEP test is taken Parking 2,their will be two chances for each type of parking I cleared in first try,if you follow the parking tips this both parallel or 90 degree (Bay parking) is very easy,after passing the parking test instructor will give you practical training passing certificate,which you can use to book a road test.

Road Test:

Before going to road test booking get a road training contract from any one of the instructors available on outside of the EDC,I prefered Mr Farman Sarwar 0529699046, he is very experienced and has a first try passing rate of 95% of his students,he will not give you useless lectures just ask you to drive and he will observe you very carefully and guide you all the way,call him and ask him to make a contract for you ,He will charge 50 AED,take this contract with EDC certificate attached to it to same building where you opened your File in first place,now instead of going to first floor go to same ground floor customer service counter a policeman will issue you a token and wait,on your turn take everything to the counter and they will book you road test and give you your training licence,keep this all the time during you road training,for first timer i suggest to take at least 10 classes from Mr Farman,he will make you perfect,and then have good sleep in prior night of test and pray in the morning,dress well,wear close shoes,look professional and greet the inspectors,i will write more once my test is done,wish you very good luck

Final Road Test:

The Day is here we talk much about, you need to go to Same building where you booked your test,go to counter they will assign you the bus you need to sit in,go out in the parking and pay around 25 AED to get a ticket for that bus ,lots of buses will be waiting for students came for tests, the number of buss will be written on your receipt sit in there, once all buses are full, the police inspectors will come with a list in hand they will call names one by one and confirm if you are present for the test, if your name is not called go out and ask any inspector about your name,they are very nice people and will help you to find correct bus, first student will take the test car one inspector in front and other in back seat will be the seating, pull out the car the bus will follow with remaining applicants, Drive very carefully keep your eyes scanning the area in front of you and on the back with the help of mirrors, inspectors may ask you to change lane,make a U-Turn or pull over for emergency,no matter what dont go above 60 if you are in Mussaffah Area, beware of heavy truck they usually dont care about you stay away from them their mistake can put your test results in danger, You will surprisingly find the inspectors very nice,gentle and kind,if they think you are good they can normally ignore small mistakes so dont panic if you made a mistake,dont make major but small is OK they will note how confidently you controlled the situation after making mistake. after two or three minutes driving the inspector will ask you to pull over,look mirrors,shoulder and everything you learned and select a safe place to pull over, use of indicators is very important as you are being tested for these, be confident not over confident as you will look irresponsible,

I wish you Good luck,Just remember inspectors are not there to Fail you,they are very qualified for their jobs, so dont pay anyone anything, everything is on merit. dont get fooled by thugs outside of school,if you think you are not confident for the test take more classes on Musafah roads with instructor, practice makes you perfect,extra one hundred paid to training instructor can save you thousands in case you fail the test just because you did not train well

Wish You Good Luck

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