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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Political will needed to improve Karachi law and order: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Wedesday that a targeted, not large-scale operation, was required in Karachi which he proposed should be led by the provincial government.

Nisar, in a news conference, said the situation in Karachi was deteriorating, however, it was difficult not impossible to improve. “Political will, clarity of thought and transparency is required to improve the situation.”

Nisar identified that a large number of target killers and criminals in the city had political affiliations as he called for a political consensus to resolve problems. The interior minister said that in his conversations with DG Rangers, the latter had informed him of the willingness to carry out an operation in Karachi.

Nisar added that during the next cabinet meeting the proposal for a targeted operation in the city would be put forward and Chief Minister Sindh would be asked to head it.

“We will recommend Chief Minister Sindh to be the team captain of this operation. We need to have clear parameters. If a criminal with political affiliation is caught there should be no interference.”

Nisar also informed the media about the proposal to form a second committee comprising political representatives, members of the media and businessmen from Karachi. This committee would be tasked with overseeing the operation and ensuring that there was no propaganda.

Referring to the MQM’s demand for the army to be given control of Karachi, Nisar said that he agreed with their stance that something needed to be done. “The problems of Karachi should be resolved in a calculated and cool manner.”

Nisar further said that he was neither in favour nor against the deployment of army in Karachi.

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